Construction works on 302-room Grand Hyatt Kuwait nearing completion

Work is nearing completion on the 302-room Grand Hyatt Kuwait hotel, which is being developed by Tamdeen Group in the capital city, it has been announced.

According to a statement from Hyatt Group, the prime hospitality project – which has been conceptualised by architecture and design firm CRTKL – is set to open its doors in September this year.

Featuring what’s billed as a distinctive design and aesthetic, the hotel aims to position itself as an urban sanctuary within a larger destination. It said that the hotel’s design has been conceptualised to seamlessly integrate into the context of its surroundings and complement established architectural lines, while still making a distinct architectural statement of its own, the statement said.

The hotel’s exterior design follows the curvilinear design aesthetic of the 360 Mall extension with a series of layers that splay out with unique characteristics, the Hyatt Group said. These design features are focused on achieving an environmentally responsive building – inspired by and adapted for the local climate and culture, it explained.

On the inspiration and motivation behind the project, hotel designer Dustin Wekesser, Associate Principal at CRTKL said: “The entire 360 Mall Kuwait development is a fantastic project with many great entrances and influxes, but as an architectural team, we wanted to make Grand Hyatt Kuwait feel more exclusive and opulent, to set it apart on an entirely different level of luxury. During the conceptualising phase we thought a lot about scale and how guests would perceive their arrival from multiple distances and reviewed several levels of detail to achieve this.”

He added, “The hotel is clean and bold from a distance, featuring details that are angled and large enough to be observed from the main roads. However, as a guest approaches the hotel, the details get smaller and more intricate, creating a dynamic and vibrant play of patterns, shadows, light and textures.”

As part of an active mixed-use development, the architectural planning of the hotel sought to ensure a fluid connection between the adjacent areas that allow guests the ease of flow back and forth from the hotel to the mall, he said, adding that unique accesses have been created at the main communal levels to bid guests a variety of entry and exit encounters.

In March 2022, SSH was appointed as lead consultant for the Hessah Gardens Residential Towers project in the country, while in April, HEISCO and Mitsubishi Power emerged as the lowest bidders for the 2,400MW Sabiya Power Plant project. In May, Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works said it would appoint a consultant for a sewage plant feasibility study.

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