Construction Machinery ME Awards: Best in class? One week left to prove it!

CPI Trade Media created the Construction Machinery ME Awards as a tribute to local businesses and the global manufacturers whose products have made the Middle East one of the most progressive construction hubs in the world. The Awards are now proving immensely popular – but remember, your deadline for entry is 30th April.

Just to give some background and context: Construction Machinery ME magazine recently celebrated its first ten years in publication. During that time, it’s built up not only an extremely loyal subscription base – which includes virtually all the leading machinery manufacturers, rental firms and sellers – but a reputation as one of the most credible commentators on industry trends and regional economics. So, what better platform from which to launch the GCC’s first construction machinery-specific awards? This year, that’s exactly what we decided to do.

It’s important to keep in mind that winning an award means more than just kudos for your business: a 2018 survey by Forbes magazine in the United States showed that winning a recognised industry award can –

  • Boost your chances of winning new customers by 24%
  • Increase retention of existing customers by 31%
  • Increase your chances of up-selling to existing markets by 15%
  • Make you more memorable to customers and prospects by 21%

So it makes great sense for your business to enter – but you have to hurry, because the deadline for entries is 30th April!

The Awards and how they work

The inaugural edition of the Construction Machinery ME Awards will take place on 25th May, and it’s going to be celebrated by a gala dinner at the Radisson Red Hotel, Dubai. The Awards will honour the machinery and equipment truly making a difference in the Construction sector across the GCC. When it comes to how you can win, the Awards are split into two main categories – some are decided by open voting (like a ‘People’s Choice’); and with others, you nominate your business, attaching full details as to why the Judges should pick you as the stand-out entry. You will find all the details about how to apply on our website here –

The Awards that depend on you nominating your business are –

  • Lifting Achievement of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Safety Champion of the Year
  • Editor’s Choice

It really pays to nominate your business now, as a matter of urgency. We expect that you’ll make quite a detailed entry – and whether or not you win will depend entirely on the strength of the supporting information you provide and the quality of your entry. It doesn’t depend on the reputation, size or standing of your business in the market.

If you win, it’s not just a question of standing on stage on the evening of the 25th, being honoured by your peers (nice though that would be!). There are a host of real benefits, including –

  • Being seen publicly as the ‘best of the best’
  • Getting industry-wide coverage across social media, courtesy of CPI
  • Broadening your appeal to prospects and existing customers
  • Distinguishing yourself from the rest of the sector and gaining real competitive edge
  • Getting editorial coverage – absolutely free – in Construction Machinery ME
  • Having a mini-video interview which you can use for your own social media and through-the-line marketing

These are all really worthwhile gains, and we can’t recommend you nominating your business highly enough.

But don’t forget to vote as well!

Meanwhile, here are the voting categories. With these you can vote for your own business (and get all your staff to vote too!) or vote for another business in a non-competitive category, which you feel does outstanding work and which you’d like to see get the praise it deserves.

  • Excavator of the Year
  • Earthmoving Machinery of the Year
  • Access Machinery of the Year
  • Road Making Machinery of the year
  • Electric Machinery of the Year
  • Crane of the Year
  • Equipment Rental Company of the Year
  • Outstanding Manufacturer of the Year
  • Distributor of the Year

Don’t miss out on the Gala evening

Once you’ve nominated or voted, of course, there’s no more exciting prospect than being at the deluxe venue on the big evening and waiting to see whether or not you’ve won! We will shortly be contacting everyone who enters the Awards to see if they would like to attend. Please note, that this is a paid-entry event, and we’re keen to give you and your colleagues the best table (and multi-table) deals we can.

Similarly, you can attend if you haven’t actually entered the Awards, but again, it’s a paid-entry occasion at which you’ll have a first-hand view of who’s really setting the trends in the industry.

For table bookings, please contact –

Brian Fernandes | +971 4 375 5479

[email protected]

Andy Pitois | +971 4 375 5473

[email protected]

The right Award for you

Whether your equipment is large-scale – designed for the most rugged settings – or focuses on making indoor maintenance safer and simpler, you can see that across the voting and nomination options there is the right Award category for you. You’ll have every chance to see leading products get the recognition they deserve. But remember – you have to vote or nominate right now, because we’ll be closing all the voting and nominations categories very shortly!

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