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Lubricants play multiple roles in improving machine performance, durability, life and much more. Selecting the correct lubricant is essential to help optimise machine uptime and meet your businesses deadlines.

Valvoline understands that running a fleet or operating numerous pieces of machinery is a complex business, and unplanned downtime, machinery failures and high repair costs mean less money in your back pocket. Equipment in the construction industry faces countless operating conditions, including extreme temperatures, heavy loads and high pressure. Thus, selecting a quality and tested lubricant is critical.

The Valvoline construction lubricants are used in Australia’s largest infrastructure projects. Small and large businesses use products such as the All Fleet Plus E900, an OEM-approved heavy-duty diesel engine oil that features high-temperature piston deposit control and outstanding engine protection to maximise engine efficiency.

Construction operators need to deal with hydraulic systems more often than not and expect that these systems will withstand changes in temperature, pressure and speed. It’s essential to use a hydraulic lubricant to protect the hydraulic system in the most demanding environments. That’s why many businesses opt for the Ultramax 68 Hydraulic Oil to protect their mobile and stationary applications operating under mild or severe conditions. Its formulation contains anti-wear additives to ensure protection against deposits, rust and wear.

The Valvoline brand holds more than 150 years of experience and expertise, and in this time, have developed numerous added-on services that simplify the ease of doing business. The technical support team offers the right tools and advice to help companies gain a competitive advantage by boosting productivity through product recommendations, oil analysis programs, technical training and on-site inspections.

Operators looking to reduce the total cost of operations opt for industry leaders that understand businesses and can offer valuable support. Valvoline actively partners with some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, giving a unique and highly educated perspective on the construction industry’s issues.

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