CITB boosts tower crane training with Wolffkran

The Bircham Newton site now boasts a new WOLFF 6023.8 flat top tower crane allowing trainees to learn on one of the industry’s most popular machines.

Graham McPhail, CITB’s Director of the National Construction College said: “We have provided tower crane training at the CITB’s National Construction College (NCC) for over 40 years and our demand for this training is increasing.

“The tower crane will be used for apprentices and work force development training and crane elements within our training to HSE inspectors.

“Therefore as part of the NCC investment Strategy we are excited to have added this Wolffkran crane here at the NCC in Bircham Newton, this is the latest design and model and is heavily utilised in Industry.

“Our learners will therefore be trained on the latest industry equipment available.”

John Aiken, a senior instructor at CITB, said:” We are really  proud to have taken delivery of this Wolffkran 6023.8  flat top tower crane. It will provide an excellent platform for tower  crane training for our commercial and apprentice delegates alike.”

“Having this crane here is going to help massively with the training  that our candidates and our apprentices get.”

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