Caterpillar expands Tilt Rotate System range to work with mini excavators

The system is designed to help operators maneuver around obstacles without repositioning the machine to save time

Caterpillar Work Tools Division has announced new Tilt Rotate System (TRS) models for Cat 302.7 through 310 next generation mini excavators.

The new TRS4 and TRS8 S45 plus updated TRS6 models allow attached work tools to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 40 degrees side-to-side, the manufacturer says, enabling the machine to reach more work areas from a single position, while maneuvering around obstructions when excavating, grading ditches, sorting recycle materials, and placing pipe. The new TRS models are said to multiply the mini excavator’s versatility and are available in various configurations to match the application.

System design includes a top interface that connects the TRS to the carrier machine and a bottom interface that connects various work tools to the TRS. Top interface connections for the TRS4, TRS6 and TRS8 include a choice between an S Type hydraulic-coupler or pin on, while bottom interface options include the Pin Grabber or S type coupler, the firm said.

In early September 2022, Caterpillar said it had inked a deal to replace the haul truck fleet at a Chilean mine while, later in the month, Komatsu said it would focus on future technologies at Bauma 2022.

All TRS models are standardised with an auxiliary TRSAux1 hydraulic function at the bottom. This allows for the installation of an integrated grapple module when the TRS model is attached to the carrier via the S type coupler system, the company explained.

The TRS6 and TRS8 feature a standard TRSAux2 auxiliary port at the bottom to connect a variety for different hydraulic tools. The manufacturer adds that sensors for these TRS models work in combination with Cat mini excavator software and a variety of different external reference suppliers for 2D and 3D work applications.

Late in September 2022, Caterpillar said it had surpassed five billion tonnes of material hauled autonomously.

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