Building Safety Act to get £42m force of new inspectors

The grant funding will enable local regulators to recruit, train and employ new Building Control Inspectors and Fire Inspectors.

The cash will go to Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and the Fire and Rescue Services in England and the National Fire Chiefs Council.

These local partners will support the work of the new Building Safety Regulator in overseeing the safety and standards of the design, construction and management of higher-risk buildings.

Around 110 Building Inspectors and 111 new Fire Protection Officers across England will be recruited and receive high-quality training over a three year programme designed to direct skills and resources to areas with a greater distribution of high-rise buildings.

Minister for Building Safety, Lee Rowley said: “The Government is delivering important reforms under the Building Safety Act, including introducing the new Building Safety Regulator to oversee building safety and performance.

“This taxpayer funding will give additional resource to local regulators who will support the work of the Regulator in making buildings safer.”

Under the new regime, Building Control Inspectors, Fire Inspectors and Fire Engineers will be the local partner regulators of the new Building Safety Regulator in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The Building Safety Regulator will have new powers and responsibilities to ensure the safety of all buildings and will have additional responsibilities for how higher-risk buildings should be constructed and safely maintained.

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