Bridge construction progresses on Barwon Heads Road Upgrade

Construction of a bridge over the railway line at Marshall is well underway, with eighteen, 750-tonne steel beams now lifted into place as part of Victoria’s Barwon Heads Road Upgrade.

The new road bridge, standing at nearly 9-metres high and 97-metres long, will allow for the removal of the level crossing at Marshall, improving safety for Victoria’s motorists.

A walking and cycling path from Belmont to Reserve Road in Charlemont will cross over the bridge, creating safe passage for pedestrians.

Family-owned Corio business, Thornton Engineering manufactured the huge beams made from 3 separate components. Each beam ranged between 29 and 55 metres in length, with production taking approximately 6 months.

Before leaving the Corio site for their 16km heavy haulage journey to the bridge worksite, the exit gates of Thornton’s site had to be adjusted to allow the large beams to fit through. Upon arrival, the beams were then lifted into place.

Thornton Engineering started in 1975 as a farm equipment manufacturer in Penshurst, now a structural steel manufacturer for a number of major Australian projects, including the Western Road Upgrade.

The company has plans to build a plateworks factory and increase their already almost 200 strong workforce.

The Barwon Heads Road Upgrade is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments and is expected to be completed in late 2023.

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