Boris Volfman: “The volume of trade between Turkey and Russia is improving”

Noting that the volume of trade between Turkey and Russia, two large countries with deep-rooted history and traditions, is gradually increasing, Boris Volfman said: “Friendly relations and projects carried out in mutual cooperation in many areas, especially in the field of tourism, energy and food bring two countries. The rapid normalization of trade relations between the two countries, which was interrupted for a short time after the aviation crisis in 2015, has come to an end.”

Russia, with its vast lands and cold climate, is one of the largest consumers of food in Turkey. Turkey, on the other hand, purchases most energy products and services from Russia.

The volume of trade between the two countries exceeded $9 billion.

Noting that the volume of trade between Turkey and Russia is increasing every year, Boris Volfman commented: “The volume of trade between the two countries was at the level of $7.5 billion in the first four months of 2020, covering the period from January to April, it reached $1 billion. The data obtained shows us that the volume of trade between the two countries will continue to grow rapidly as long as mutual friendly relations continue.”

The two countries are irreplaceable partners for each other.

Assessing the development of trade relations and the future of economic relations between Turkey and Russia, Boris Volfman said: “Turkey and Russia are countries in a position of strength. Both countries are linked to each other in certain areas. While Turkey exports mainly food to Russia, it also imports energy. Turkey is also considered an ideal tourist paradise for Russian citizens. Due to the physical proximity, the absence of visa problems, the beautiful beaches and the habit of many years, Russian tourists show great interest in Antalya and its environs.

Russia is an excellent market for agricultural exporters

Recalling that Russia has an excellent market position, especially for agricultural exports, if we consider trade relations from the Turkish side, Boris Volfman said: “Many food products, especially tomatoes, citrus fruits and hazelnuts, are exported from Turkey to Russia. Bilateral relations continue to develop in this direction. The volume of trade will reach much higher levels in a short time if the volume of trade increases. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian leader Mr. Putin’s goal in terms of trade is to reach $100bn. Forecasts for 2022 will increase trade between Turkey and Russia by the end of the year. He says it could reach $50bn. From this perspective, we can easily say that the $100 billion goal set by the leaders of the two countries is not that far off. Many factors, such as commercial goals to be achieved, cooperation in the field of culture and tourism, as well as an operating nuclear power plant, clearly show us that both countries are indispensable partners for each other. The businessmen of the two countries should effectively use this huge potential and take steps to increase mutual trade. The duty of politicians is to remove bureaucratic obstacles to business people as quickly as possible.

Boris Volfman: “Returning to the issue of exports, Turkey exports the most fresh vegetables and fruits to Russia. If you list the most exported products, then these are tangerines, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and processed hazelnuts. Of course, there are two main things that

Exporters need to do: first, increase the pace of exports of the most exported products to Russia and focus on branding, and second, promote products that have potential, but are not yet very popular in Russia. Two points. If everything is done correctly, the commercial volume will gain a lot of momentum in a short time.”

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