Amey linesman suffers 55% burns after huge electric shock

The incident involving Allister Hunt, happened on 25 December 2019 as he carried out remedial ‘snagging’ works to overhead lines 2.5 miles outside Paddington Station, near Kensal Green, London.

The on-site team were unaware that they were working outside the electrical isolation and as a consequence Hunt touched the contact wire.

He suffered 55% burns, which have required skin grafts, while his eyesight and hearing were also both affected.

Amey Rail was fined £533,000 after pleading guilty to health and safety breaches following an investigation and prosecution by industry regulator the Office of Rail and Road.

ORR found that Amey Rail had no effective and adequate system in place to ensure that the process of planning the works was carried out in a way that ensured the health and safety of those working on electrical lines.

ARL did not have effective systems in place to supervise the safe conduct of the works and failed to ensure that Test Before Touch was properly and adequately carried out

Ian Prosser, Chief Inspector of Railways, said: “Mr Hunt suffered terrible, life-changing injuries, and could have died because of Amey Rail Limited’s inadequate measures.

“We welcome this judgement and we hope it sends a clear message to anyone responsible for work on the railway about the need to safeguard those working on it.”

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