Aecom lands project management role on Neom International Airport

Aecom has been awarded a multi-year contract to provide project management consultancy services for Neom International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

The airport will serve the 26,500-sq-km business region Saudi Arabia is developing in its far north west above the Red Sea.

Aecom’s scope will include project management for masterplanning, design and construction services, through to testing, commissioning, operational readiness, activation and transition.

“We are very pleased to be part of this innovative Neom project, which is set to transform travel between Neom and the world,” said Lara Poloni, Aecom’s president.

Neom aims to attract global investment in 14 business sectors ranging from digital technology to financial services.

It will include The Line, a 200m-wide, 170km-long, and 500m-high structure that will house 9 million people.

Earlier this month, the development company Neom concluded a roadshow in Saudi Arabia designed to attract investors.

Also in March, Marriott International signed an agreement with Neom to open three hotel properties in its luxury island resort of Sindalah.

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