3M introduce PPE Fit Test Program

3M have introduced the PPE Fit Test Program to support workplaces, in compliance with local regulations and standards, and ensure workers are effectively protected from construction hazards.

Correctly worn and fitted PPE is vital to the reliable protection of construction workers.

PPE doesn’t ‘fit’ everyone the same way and when not fitted correctly, overexposure to hazards can occur.

Respiratory Protection

Any tight fitting respirator (whether disposable, half face or full face respirator) relies on an effective face seal to adequately protect the wearer. This effective fit – in addition to using the correct product and filters for the hazard in question, and also being worn correctly 100% of the time – is required to have confidence that the wearer is being adequately protected.

We are all unique

Every worker has a different face shape and size and every brand, style and size of mask is different. You can’t tell if a tight fitting respirator is adequately sealing just by looking at it. This is why respiratory fit testing is so important – to check if the selected face-piece can adequately seal and fits each individual worker.

Why 3M?

Cost is a factor in any purchasing decision, but if the respirator purchased doesn’t fit the wearer or isn’t worn correctly each time, then it is likely the worker will not be suitably protected. Buying a respirator that does not protect may cost a lot more than the initial purchase cost in the years to come. 3M AuraTM Respirators have up to a 93% fit test pass rate across a broad range of face sizes and shapes.

Hearing Protection

Similarly, fit testing hearing protection can make a difference. It can change how people use hearing protection, think about hearing protection, and are protected by hearing protection.

When it comes to attenuation, why guess when you can know? If you are simply using the SLC80 rating found on the box of earplugs as a guide, you may not be providing accurate protection levels for every worker. Ears and ear canals come in many shapes and sizes and to make sure all workers are getting the protection they need; you need to know their Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR).

We are all unique

Every employee is different. Every job is different. Every ear is different. Finding each employee’s PAR will help you have assurance that workers’ hearing is protected.

Why 3M?

3MTM E-A-RfitTM Dual-Ear Validation System utilises F-MIRE technology to measure and obtain an objective, quantitative level of employee hearing protection in just 5 seconds per ear. Workers receive their own PAR and learn how correctly inserting earplugs can increase their level of protection. Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable.

Contact 3M’s Preferred Fit Partners and learn how you may receive a subsidy for fit testing.

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