Around 100 former Midas staff to pursue legal claims

More than 100 former employees of Midas have started legal proceedings over how they lost their jobs.

At least two legal firms are representing the ex-staff members. The claims centre on the lack of consultation regarding redundancies before the company went into administration earlier this month. If it is found the group did not follow the correct redundancy procedures, the former workers could claim compensation from an employment tribunal.

Mohammed Balal of Aticus Law, which has been contacted by some of the workers, said: “While many people think that as the business has collapsed there is nothing that can be done, those affected actually have the right to hold the company accountable.

“Under current employment law if a business is making more than 20 employees redundant at one establishment, they must follow the correct consultation process.”

Hannah Durham, director of SDM Legal, said they had around 100 claimants and she expects the number to increase in the coming weeks.

Around 300 staff were made redundant last week when Midas collapsed into administration. One of its subsidiaries, Mi-space was sold, which saved 46 jobs.

Workers could claim for a protective award at an employment tribunal if Midas did not follow the consultation process leading up to the redundancies. The former employees could receive up to £4,352 each through the government-funded Redundancy Payments Service if the case is found in their favour.

In August, former employees of failed contractor Harry Fairclough won a £183,000 payout through a protective award.

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